Fire Pump Controller For Electric Motor Driven Fire Pumps (LFCE Series)


The Lubi LFCE series electric motor driven fire pump controller is factory assembled, wired and tested as a unit and it conforms to all the requirements of the latest edition of NFPA 20, standard for Stationary Fire Pumps for Fire Protection.


  • Fire pump controller enclosure shall be standard NEMA type 2 (IP 31) drip proof suitable for wall mounting. Wall mounting lugs shall be provided on
    the enclosure. The enclosure shall have a bottom entry gland plate provided for power and engine connections. It will be provided with lifting lugs. It will be painted red RAL 3002 as per NFPA 20. Optional 24 inch legs for free standing installation may be provided on request.
  • Two inner panel mounted battery ON/OFF circuit breakers shall be provided to switch batteries ON or OFF.
  • The fire pump controller shall be provided with a color touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface). The size of HMI screen shall not be less than 5 inches. It should be possible to read the HMI screen in direct sunlight or dark lighting conditions.
  • An audible alarm is provided in the controller to sound during alarm/warning conditions. It should be a 6 inch alarm bell capable of 85 dB sound at 10 feet (3 m).


  • Electric Motor Driven Fire Pumps