Jockey Pump Controller For Fire Pump Applications (LFCJ Series)


Lubi LFCJ jockey pump controllers are specifically designed to control jockey pumps in order to maintain the desired water pressure in fire pump serviced systems. This pump prevents unnecessary starting of fire pumps due to small leaks in the fire system piping.


  • Fire pump controller enclosure shall be standard NEMA type 2 (IP 31) drip
    proof suitable for wall mounting. The enclosure shall have a bottom entry
    gland plate. It will be provided with a key lock handle. It will be painted red
    RAL 3002 as per NFPA 20.
  • The controller will have a fused horsepower rated door interlocked rotary
    type disconnect switch. This switch shall be capable of being padlocked in the “OFF” position during installation or maintenance.


  • Fire Pumps