Large Volume Water Pumps (LLP series)

The LLP series are Large Volume Water Pump.

Variety & Range

  • Flow range: up to 540 m³/h
  • Head range: up to 6 metres
  • Rating: 2.2 kW & 11.00 kW
  • Rated speed: 1500 rpm


  • Large flow capacities achieved with almost no vibration or noise by use of Propeller or Mix Flow design, giving easy operation and energy savings.
  • Robust construction and compact design with a dry motor, double mechanical seal and impeller flow guide vane for high efficiency.
  • Simple operation and maintenance.


  • Aquaculture water pumping and drainage for large volume water applications.
  • Water supply for landscape and water features.
  • Water extracting from rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
  • Flood control.


  Large Volume Water Pumps LLP 50 Hz

  Large Volume Water Pumps LLP 60 Hz