End suction long coupled Motor driven Fire pumps (LBSE series)

The LBSE series are horizontal, single-stage, end-suction back pull out long coupled centrifugal pumps for fire fighting application.

Variety & Range

  • Flow Range: 50 to 3000 USgpm
  • Head Range: 40 to 205 psi.
  • Rated speed: 2900 rpm


  • The pump shall be designed for clean and clear room temperature water to be used in fire fighting application.
  • The pump casing shall be of Cast Iron grade FG 260 as per IS 210 / ISO 186 with inline suction and discharge port.
  • The pump casing shall have threaded ports near suction and delivery flanges for installing suction and discharge pressure gauges. The pump shall also have a threaded drain port at the bottom of casing for draining the pump during maintenance.
  • The pumps shall have closed type impeller with Bronze LTB2 (standard supply) & Cast Iron FG 260 material.
  • The pump induction motor shall have F class insulation and S1 duty. TEFC motors shall be with IP55 protection.
  • The Motor shall be suitable for 3 phase, 415volts, 50 Hz power supply.
  • The pump accessories Suction and discharge pressure gauge & Casing relief valve shall be supplied on request.
  • The entire pump set including base plate and motor are to be painted RAL3002.


  • The LHCE fire pumpsets are used in fire-fighting applications for supplying water to fire hose reels, fire hydrants or sprinkler systems in areas
  • Commercial complexes and high rise buildings
  •  Petrochemical industries and Gas plants
  • Oil and Gas on-shore & off-shore platforms
  • Oil terminals
  • Airports and ports
  • Jetties
  • Marine applications
  • Power stations and transformer stations
  •  Chemical industries
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Fire-work industries
  •  Warehouses/godowns.


  End suction long coupled Motor driven Fire pumps (LBSE series)