Fire Pump Motors – NEMA SPDP (LE Series)


LUBI’s Fire Pump motors are Designed for Fire Pump applications in accordance with NFPA 20, In addition, they feature a Class F Insulation System and 1.15 Service Factor.
These Fire Pump Duty Lubi (SPDP) Motors are designed for Environment where dirt and moisture are minimal and provide maximum ventilation and heat dissipation.

Variety & Range

  • Mounting:Foot
  • Rated power:  up to 200 HP)
  • Rated speed:  2 pole, 50Hz, 2900 RPM’s & 60Hz, 3500 RPM’s


  • Lubi SPDP Fire pump motors have the following advantages over TEFC Motors.
    • Temperature rise of Lubi SPDP motors are lower then TEFC motors due to better cooling.
    • Lubi SPDP Motors have a service factor of 1.15 compared to TEFC motors which have service factor of 1.0. Due to this the Lubi SPDP motors can take more Fire Pump load then TEFC motors.
    • Starting current of Lubi SPDP motors is limited by design so that they can be started easily without any over load tripping in the event of fire.
    • Starting torque, pull up torque as well as breakdown torque are adequately designed in Lubi SPDP motors so that in the event of Fire the motors can start on pump load and reach full RPM without any difficultly.
    • The Lubi SPDP motors are smaller in size then TEFC motors resulting into less space requirement at installation site.


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  Fire Pump Motors – NEMA SPDP (LE Series)