LUBI at Indian Plumbing Conference 2023


Nestled amidst the spirited ambiance of Ahmedabad, LUBI embarked on an illuminating odyssey at the 29th Indian Plumbing Conference (IPC), a dynamic event hosted from December 21st to 23rd, 2023, at the esteemed YMCA International Centre. Themed "Net Zero Water in the Built Environment," the conference addressed critical issues surrounding water conservation and sustainability in the construction sector.


Organized by the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA), this gathering aimed to promote correct plumbing practices and raise awareness about water conservation, drawing professionals from around the country.


Our decision to participate was driven by a commitment to advancing sustainable plumbing solutions. With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of enthusiastic visitors, the Indian Plumbing Conference provided a bustling platform for meaningful interactions and business prospects. Countless interactions blossomed, cultivating meaningful connections and laying the foundation for potential partnerships that could unfold in the near future. The expo buzzed with energy, and we anticipated a surge in business inquiries, aligning with our vision for growth.


At Booth No. 39, LUBI proudly showcased our innovative products, with a spotlight on our Pumps and Valves. These components, integral to water systems, garnered attention not just for their functionality but for the transformative impact they can have on water conservation efforts. The expo provided a unique opportunity for visitors and fellow exhibitors to witness firsthand how our products align with the theme of achieving efficient water use in Net Zero Water buildings.


Our displayed products resonated with the attendees, prompting engaging discussions and creating a ripple of interest among other companies in the plumbing industry. The immersive experience allowed us to demonstrate not only the quality of our offerings but also their relevance and significance in the broader context of sustainable construction practices.


Engaging in the Indian Plumbing Conference transcended a mere display; it became a portal to invaluable insights and connections. The exchanges, feedback, and seeds of potential collaborations planted during the event are pivotal elements enriching our strategic path to growth.


As we continue our journey of redefining the landscape of plumbing solutions, we invite you to stay connected with LUBI. Connect with us for the latest updates, innovations, and sustainable practices in plumbing. Your enthusiasm fuels our commitment to shaping the future of plumbing, one innovation at a time.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Indian Plumbing Association for orchestrating this impactful event and express our thanks to everyone who visited our stall. Your support and connection mean the world to us.