A case study of open well submersible pump


Client: Private Bungalow located at Rajkot, Gujarat State, INDIA

Complain: Open Well Submersible Pump Winding burnt


The LHL-151CE is a newly designed pump, especially for residential purposes. These pumps can also be used at:


  • Community water supply from open wells
  • Fountains
  • Irrigation from canals /river belt
  • Water supply for high-rise buildings


Lubi Open Well Submersible Pump LHL 151CE


Note: This pump is recommended for drawing only clean water  

Situation :


A private residential bungalow owner at Rajkot had installed our LHL-151CE, Open Well Submersible Pump in their underground tank to draw water for domestic consumption.


One day, their pump suddenly stopped working. The owner of the house immediately called us on our toll-free helpline number to register a complaint.