Publish Date: 17th March 2023, Friday

LUBI's game-changing solutions at ACREX India 2023


ACREX India 2023, the ultimate hub for the HVAC and building construction industry, emerged as an unparalleled platform that united professionals from across the globe.


Drawing participation from more than 40 countries, featuring 250+ exhibitors, and attracting an estimated 40,000+ visitors, the 23rd edition of ACREX India displayed the latest technological innovations that promise a brighter and more sustainable world.


We, LUBI Industries LLP enthusiastically participated in ACREX India 2023, recognizing the event's significance as a global gathering of industry experts. Our goal was to seize the opportunity to connect with professionals from diverse business segments, showcase our expertise, and explore potential collaborations.


ACREX Exhibition

Our showcased products at ACREX India 2023 were tailored specifically for HVAC systems, catering to the industry's unique requirements. We presented a range of exceptional products, including:




Valves are integral components of HVAC systems, playing a vital role in ensuring seamless and optimal performance. 


At ACREX India 2023, we showcased a wide range of high-quality valves designed specifically for HVAC applications. These valves serve various purposes, including regulating fluid flow (Globe Valve, Needle Valves) Controlling pressure, and diverting or isolating the flow of air or water within the system.


Apart from HVAC industries, we also manufacture a wide range of valves that cater to critical applications in several different industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, power generation, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and more. For more details on our diverse valve offerings, please click here.




Pumps are vital components in HVAC systems, responsible for circulating and transferring fluids such as water and refrigerants. 


We showcased a range of high-quality pumps designed specifically for HVAC applications at ACREX India 2023. These pumps serve various purposes, ensuring efficient operation and optimal performance of HVAC systems.


In addition to our presence in the HVAC industries, we are proud to offer an extensive portfolio of pumps, covering a diverse range of types and configurations. Our pumps play a vital role in various industries, including water and wastewater management, oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, mining, and construction. To discover more about our comprehensive pump solutions and their applications, please click here.


Intellicon 1000: 


Our LUBI Intellicon 1000 is a revolutionary variable speed controller designed for HVAC systems. By monitoring and controlling up to six identical pumps connected in parallel, it offers significant energy savings and sustainability benefits for modern buildings. This pre-engineered solution comes complete with high-tech Variable Speed Drives and application-optimized software, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and occupant comfort.


With seamless connectivity to Building Management Systems and a range of alarms for system reliability, the Intellicon 1000 is a critical component that enhances control, reduces energy consumption, and elevates overall HVAC system performance.


You can trust our Intellicon 1000 to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and energy efficiency, making it a vital component for any modern HVAC system.


 ACREX India ACREX India 2023           











Our participation in ACREX India 2023 yielded significant gains for us. We had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with professionals across various business segments, resulting in positive leads and promising business prospects. The EXPO provided us with valuable insights and connections that will drive our growth and further establish our position in the HVAC industry.


ACREX Exhibition


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of ACREX India 2023 for their exceptional efforts in bringing together industry professionals from around the globe. 


We also express our gratitude to everyone who visited our stall, engaged in discussions, and showed interest in our products. Your support and enthusiasm are truly appreciated, and we look forward to nurturing these connections and forging lasting partnerships.