LUBI's Trailblazing Journey at DistribuELEC 2024


Brimming with the pulse of Mumbai's vitality, LUBI orchestrated an avant-garde performance of innovation and expertise at the 6th edition of DistribuELEC 2024. This influential exhibition unfolded at the Bombay Exhibition Center from January 16th to 18th, marking a significant milestone in exploring cutting-edge advancements in power distribution.




As a convergence point with BuildELEC 2024 and Intelect 2024, this dynamic event illuminated the path for stakeholders in power distribution, building electrification, and intelligent electricity consumption sectors, emphasizing the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies.

With hundreds of exhibitors and a diverse audience numbering in the thousands, DistribuELEC provided an unparalleled platform for networking and business expansion. The expo explored the entire spectrum of power distribution, from traditional electrical equipment to cutting-edge technologies in distribution automation, control systems, energy efficiency, and more. It was not merely an exhibition; it was a dynamic showcase of industry evolution.


LUBI's decision to participate was propelled by a deep-seated commitment to advancing sustainable and efficient power distribution solutions. We recognized DistribuELEC 2024 as a strategic platform, aligning perfectly with our vision for growth and innovation. The desire to engage with industry leaders, showcase expertise, and contribute to the ongoing discourse on Industry 4.0 were the driving forces behind our active participation.


At Stall No. H3A36, we proudly showcased our innovative EV Solutions, featuring a comprehensive range of energy-efficient EV Chargers. Our exhibit highlighted two key categories: AC EV Chargers and DC EV Chargers. These cutting-edge charging solutions are designed in accordance with both Indian and international standards, showcasing LUBI's commitment to sustainable and efficient electric vehicle infrastructure. Additionally, our product lineup includes Combination Chargers that offer versatile charging options. To complement these offerings, we presented our Central Management System (CMS) software solutions, enabling seamless operation and monitoring of charger networks.


Our EV Solutions resonated profoundly with visitors and fellow exhibitors, sparking engaging discussions about the future of sustainable transportation. LUBI's AC EV Chargers, DC EV Chargers, and Combination Chargers became focal points for conversations on advancing electric vehicle infrastructure. The showcased Central Management System (CMS) software solutions garnered significant interest, underlining our commitment to providing holistic and technologically advanced solutions. As industry professionals explored the expo, LUBI's EV Solutions stood out as catalysts for dialogue on the transformative potential of EV charging technologies, sustainability, and the future of mobility. The expo served as a dynamic platform for forging connections, with our offerings at the forefront of discussions on shaping the landscape of electric vehicle charging.


DistribuELEC 2024 served as a platform for engaging exchanges, where a multitude of meetings took place at our stall. These discussions transcended routine business talks, paving the way for potential collaborations and new business ventures. The expected increase in business inquiries after the event signifies the positive outcome of the significant connections established during this vibrant exhibition.


Participating in DistribuELEC 2024 was not merely a strategic move; it was a transformative experience for us. The insights gained, networks established, and potential for future collaborations have positioned the company at the forefront of the evolving power distribution landscape. We invite all our stakeholders to join us in embracing the spirit of innovation and growth and staying connected for updates on the latest innovations and partnerships.


We extend our sincere gratitude to IEEMA for orchestrating this remarkable event. Special thanks to everyone who visited the stall, engaged in insightful conversations, and shared their enthusiasm for the advancements shaping the power distribution industry. The support received fuels our commitment to pioneering innovations that redefine the standards of power distribution and building electrification.


As the curtains draw on DistribuELEC 2024, LUBI invites you to continue the journey of innovation, collaboration, and setting new benchmarks in the electrical industry. Connect with us for more updates on LUBI's contributions to a sustainable and efficient energy landscape.