LUBI at Krishi Darshan Expo 2024


Krishi Darshan Expo


Amidst the vibrant fields of the Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute in Hisar, Haryana, LUBI proudly participated in the Krishi Darshan Expo 2024, a colossal congregation of agricultural enthusiasts and industry leaders. This dynamic expo, organized by AGRI India Exhibitions and co-hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, proved to be a melting pot of innovation, drawing exhibitors from around the country to showcase their latest products and engage in fruitful discussions. While the expo didn't extend beyond domestic boundaries, its impact resonated far and wide.


krishi darshan 2024


Our decision to participate in Krishi Darshan Expo 2024 was fueled by the prospect of connecting with the pulse of the agricultural community. With around 300 exhibitors and a footfall also counting in the hundreds, our stall at HC 43-46 became a hub of activity. This expo provided us with a unique opportunity to interact directly with farmers, dealers, distributors, and industry professionals, allowing us to understand their needs and showcase how our offerings can revolutionize the agricultural sector.


Innovating at the intersection of agriculture and technology, LUBI presented two pivotal solutions at Krishi Darshan Expo 2024:

  • Pumps: Our showcased pumps, tailored for the agricultural sector, promise efficiency and reliability in fluid management.
  • Valves: Precision and control define our valves, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced productivity on the field.


Our pumps and valves are not mere products; they are solutions designed to impact the very core of agricultural operations. LUBI's offerings, with their efficiency and reliability, stand as testaments to our commitment to transforming the agricultural landscape. Farmers and industry players who engaged with our products at the expo witnessed firsthand the potential for increased productivity and streamlined operations.


Krishi Darshan Expo 2024 was more than a display of products; it was a platform for meaningful interactions. The numerous meetings we conducted were not just discussions; they were the seeds of potential collaborations and business opportunities. We anticipate a surge in business inquiries, which stands as a testament to the resonance of our products with the needs of the agricultural community. Our participation in the expo was not just a presence; it was a strategic move that allowed us to gain valuable insights, forge connections, and envision a future where LUBI plays a pivotal role in transforming agriculture.


Our heartfelt gratitude extends to AGRI India Exhibitions and the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare for orchestrating an event that goes beyond the ordinary. To everyone who visited our stall, thank you for engaging with us and sharing your thoughts. Your curiosity and interest fuel our commitment to providing innovative and impactful solutions for agriculture. As we bid adieu to Krishi Darshan Expo 2024, we look forward to cultivating success alongside the agricultural community, one field at a time.