At LUBI Industries, we take pride in not just delivering quality products but also in providing exceptional after-sales service. We understand that your investment in our pumps deserves the best care, which is why we've introduced a user-friendly e-warranty registration process. This article will guide you through the simple steps to ensure your pump's warranty is registered seamlessly.

Get Started with the Lubi Pumps E-Warranty Registration Process with QR Code


Step 1: Scan the QR Code


Upon purchasing your LUBI pump, locate the QR code on the product's packaging. If you can't find it, don't worry - you can scan the QR code directly from our website. This QR code is universal, making it easy for you to access the warranty registration page.


Scan for E-warranty Registration

Step 2: Click "Register Now"


After scanning the QR code, you'll be directed to the LUBI Industries website. Look for the "Register Now" button and click on it. This step initiates the warranty registration process.


Click On "Register Now"
Click On "Register Now"

Step 3: Verification via OTP


Once you've clicked "Register Now," you'll see a page prompting you to enter your mobile number. Fill in your mobile number and click "Generate OTP" (One-Time Password). A unique OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Enter this OTP to verify your identity and proceed.


Enter Your Mobile Numbe


Enter OTP & Verify
Enter OTP & Verify
Step 4: Provide Your Details


With verification complete, you'll be presented with a form to fill in your details. Refer to the attached screenshot for guidance. Here's a breakdown of the information you'll need to provide:


Enter Your Details


1. Full Name: Enter your complete name.
2. State: Choose the state you reside in.
3. District: Specify your district.
4. Mobile: Your mobile number (already verified).
5. Email: Your email address for communication.
6. Address: Your full address, including city and zip code.
7. Serial Number (SR No.): Locate this number on the product box, invoice, or nameplate of the pump.
8. Invoice Date: Enter the purchase date of your product.
9. Invoice Image: Capture a photo of your purchase invoice or convert it to a PDF for attachment.


centrifugal monoblock pump


Step 5: Agree and Submit


Before submitting, make sure you've reviewed your information for accuracy. Agree to the Terms & Conditions, then click "Submit Now." Congratulations, your warranty registration is complete!


warranty registration
Important Notes:


1. Complete Registration within 30 Days: To ensure your warranty is valid, register within 30 days of purchase. If not, contact LUBI Industries for assistance.

2. Benefits of Online Registration: Unlike traditional paper warranty cards that can be misplaced, your online registration is securely stored, allowing you to easily access warranty details anytime.


At LUBI Industries, we believe in delivering excellence not only in our products but also in customer satisfaction. Register your pump's warranty online and experience worry-free performance for years to come. Thank you for choosing LUBI Pumps.


If you have purchased a Lubi product and facing any problem, do not hesitate to complain to Lubi customer support after sales service for their solution.


Note: Screenshots provided in this article are for reference purposes only.