LUBI's Odyssey at SRW India Water Expo 2023


In the heart of Chennai, LUBI set sail into the vibrant waters of the SRW India Water Expo from the 20th to the 22nd of December 2023. This dynamic trade fair, a beacon for environmental technologies, brought together over 200 exhibitors and attracted a wave of 8000+ visitors, both from India and beyond. LUBI, anchoring at Booth No. F11, left an indelible mark on this platform dedicated to wastewater treatment, sewage water treatment, effluent treatment, and technological strides in the water industry.


SRW Water Expo

Our strategically positioned booth evolved into a sea of innovation, showcasing a diverse range of products. Pumps, valves, and induction motors took the spotlight, demonstrating our adeptness in navigating the currents of technological progress.


The product exhibition was a journey through excellence.


  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Induction Motors


Each product reflected our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the water industry. The emphasis on these essential components captured the curiosity of inquisitive minds, with hundreds of professionals riding the waves to explore the latest trends in water-related technologies.


SRW India Water Expo


Beyond a conventional display, our booth transformed into an interactive voyage. Dynamic presentations and live demonstrations created a tidal wave of interest, allowing visitors to experience firsthand the brilliance embedded in our products. Professionals from diverse backgrounds engaged in riveting discussions, elevating the expo from a mere showcase to a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange.


The SRW India Water Expo wasn't solely about displays; it was about forging alliances and propelling the industry forward. LUBI, a firm believer in the strength of partnerships to drive innovation, witnessed the birth of new ideas and collaborations within the water industry.


The SRW India Water Expo 2023 acted as a tidal force of inspiration, offering valuable insights through discussions, presentations, and collaborations. We are gearing up for groundbreaking initiatives in alignment with the evolving needs of the environmental technology sector.


As we navigate the reflections of our journey at the SRW India Water Expo 2023, we invite you to embark on this voyage with LUBI. Stay connected with us for updates on our latest innovations and partnerships that promise to create ripples in the water industry.


The journey towards a sustainable future is a continuous exploration, and at LUBI, each stride signifies a commitment to a brighter and greener tomorrow.