Navigating Installation Challenges: Troubleshooting an Improperly Installed Pressure Booster Pump


Pump Model: LPD-90 / 120W / 1 PH


Client: Individual from Rajkot, Gujarat State.


Pressure Booster Pump
Lubi LPD-90 Pressure Booster Pump


  • In the bustling city of Rajkot, Gujarat, one of our clients found themselves grappling with frustrating water pressure problems in the penthouse of their cozy low-rise residential apartment.
  • As they tried to do their laundry, the sluggish water flow severely hampered the performance of their washing machine, leaving them yearning for a solution to restore the desired functionality and convenience.
  • In order to resolve this problem, they bought our LPD-90 Pressure Booster Pump - an innovative solution designed to amplify the water pressure and address the low-pressure situation effectively.
  • However, after installing the pump, when they tried to switch it on, the pump failed to start. They tried to open the taps to alleviate the water pressure, still the pump did not start.
  • Suspecting a potential problem with the pump, they immediately switched off the power supply and reached out to us on our toll-free helpline to register a formal complaint.


  1. Customers can register a complaint by calling our toll-free number, after which they will receive a text message with information about the complaint as well as the contact details of our service engineer.
  2. Our Engineer usually calls up to fix an appointment as per the electricity schedule of the area - as there are frequent power disruptions in some places.


  • Our service engineer arrived at the site as per the pre-scheduled appointment and promptly initiated the inspection, to validate the reported problem and identify its root cause.
  • Our engineer diligently performed a series of standard checks, starting with a thorough assessment of the power supply. Using a clip-on meter, he carefully measured the supply voltage to ensure its stability.
  • He then proceeded to examine the voltage at the pump's terminal.
  • Our engineer noticed that the pump was set on “Auto” mode. He changed it to manual mode to check if it made any difference.
  • Recognizing the need for further investigation, he made the decision to remove the pump from the pipe fittings.


Lubi Pressure Booster Pump
Lubi Pressure Pump


  • While inspecting the power supply, our engineer observed that the power supply voltage was within the appropriate range.
  • He also observed that power was available at the pump’s terminal, affirming the operational capability of the electrical connection.
  • Notably, when he switched the pump to manual mode, it started working.
  • Furthermore, while preparing to remove the pump from the pipe fittings, our engineer observed an incorrect installation where the suction and delivery sides were mistakenly reversed.
  • The person responsible for installing the pump had mistakenly connected the suction side of the pump to the delivery end of the pipe fitting, and vice versa.




  • Upon identifying the problem with the fitting, our engineer showed the same to our clients.
  • He then removed the pump from the pipe fittings and showed the embossing on the volute of the pump - where the suction and delivery sides were prominently marked.
  • He then re-fitted the pump to the pipe in the proper way and switched the pump to auto mode again.
  • After ensuring everything was fitted in the right manner, our engineer switched on the pump.
  • As soon as he opened one of the taps, the pump started working. To verify efficient operations, he then shut the tap and the pump immediately stopped working, ensuring its efficient working.


A glimpse from the site
A Glimpse from the site


  1. It is recommended to maintain a power supply range of 180 to 230 Volts for single-phase LPD-90 pressure booster pumps.
  2. To safeguard electrical appliances from power fluctuations, consider using a stabilizer when experiencing voltage irregularities.
  3. LPD-90 pressure pumps are most effective for soft water applications. The use of hard water may impact the pump's lifespan.
  4. Ensuring there are no leaks on the suction or delivery side is crucial for optimal pump performance.
  5. Incorrect installation can hinder automatic mode functionality. Refer to the owner's manual and check the embossing on the pump for proper guidance.
  6. Make sure your pump operates at the duty point declared by the manufacturer for maximum efficiency. Please contact our customer support team to learn more about duty points.
  7. Regular inspection and servicing of the pump contribute to early detection of potential issues, enhancing overall performance and longevity

For smooth and uninterrupted working of your pump, always follow the instructions and standard operating procedure issued by the manufacturer in the user manual.