Corrosion Resistant Thermoplastic Pumps (LN, LP series)

The Lubi LN and LP series of corrosion resistant thermoplastic pumps are designed for continuous medium pressure circulation or transfer of non-flammable liquids which are compatible with the pump component materials where no suction lift is required.

Variety & Range

  • Flow range: up to 22.5 m³/h
  • Head range: up to 22 metres
  • Rating: 1 phase – 0.37 to 2.20 kW & 3 phase – 0.37 to 2.20 kW
  • Rated speed: 2900 rpm


  • These pumps shall be available in Noryl or Polypropylene material of construction and closed coupled with standard TEFC motor. They are also available as long-coupled with standard TEFC as well as Flame Proof motor.
  • The pumps shall be made of Noryl, which is non-metallic and chemical-resistant to most acids, alkalis, and inorganic solvents.
  • The pumps are made of non-metallic, glass-filled Polypropylene construction offering chemical resistance to most acids, alkalis, and inorganic solvents as does the Noryl series.
  • The pump shall be close coupled with a totally enclosed fan cooled type, 2900 rpm Induction motor with F class insulation, S1 duty and IP55 protection. 1 phase, 230 volts, 50 Hz (Standard Supply), 3 phase, 415 volts, 50 Hz


  • Chemical process
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage processing
  • Steel plants
  • Automobile
  • Marine/Sea water
  • Water supply
  • Booster service
  • Cooling water
  • Water treatment/Purification
  • OEM.


  Corrosion Resistant Thermoplastic Pumps LN, LP series