Heavy-Duty Sewage Pumps (LHP series)

The LHP series are close coupled, heavy-duty submersible sewage/effluent pumps.

Variety & Range

  • Flow range: up to 2520 m³/h
  • Head range: up to 49 metres
  • Rating: 3.7 kW & 55.00 kW
  • Rated speed: 2900, 1450, 960, 750 rpm


  • The pump shall be designed for liquids which are non-aggressive and non-explosive, sewage/effluent water with solids or fibers.
  • The pumps shall have non clog, semi open or closed type impeller with material of construction of Cast Iron FG260 (standard supply), CF8 and CF8M, stainless steel shaft, suitable for pumping liquid up to 50 deg. C.
  • The Pump shall be supplied with double mechanical shaft seal with material of construction of SiC /SiC/Viton/S.S 316 at the pump end.
  • The pump shall be close coupled with dry submersible motor, having class F insulation, IP 68 protection, epoxy sealed cable entry, with S1 duty for fully submerged and S3 duty for partially submerged, suitable for 3 phase, 415volts, 50 Hz power supply.
  • All cast iron parts shall be CED (cathode electrode deposition) coated for corrosion resistance with uniform coating and controlled deposition thickness of 20-30 microns.


  • Drainage of waste water from the liberation tank, purifying tank and sewage tank in water treatment plant.
  • Drainage of waste water containing fibrous additives from leather factory, dyeing factory and food processing factory .
  • Sewage management, accumulated water, septic tank, stock farm.
  • Pumping sewage from single and multi family dwellings.
  • Pumping sewage from hotels, restaurants, schools and public buildings.


  Heavy-Duty Sewage Pumps LHP 50Hz

  Heavy-Duty Sewage Pumps LHP 60Hz