Self Priming Centrifugal Feed Pump For RO (LCF series)


The Lubi LCF pumps are Self Priming Centrifugal Feed Pump for Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Variety & Range

  • Flow range: up to 48 m³/h
  • Head range: up to 120 metres
  • Rating: 11.00 kW to 18.5 kW


  • Motor and pump are close coupled in a convenient and compact design for quick installation in limited space.
  • The pumps have axial suction port and radial discharge port .
  • All cast iron parts shall be CED (cathode electrode deposition) coated for corrosion resistance with uniform coating and controlled deposition thickness of 20-30 microns.


  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems
  • For clean liquids without abrasives, which are non-aggressive for the pump materials. (solids content up to 0.2%)
  • For water supply.
  • For heating, cooling, air-conditioning and circulation plants.
  • For civil and industrial applications.
  • For pressure boosting.
  • For watering gardens.


  Self Priming Centrifugal Feed Pump For RO (LCF series)