Self-sensing Parallel Pump Controller (Intellicon 3000)


The Intellicon 3000 series Self-sensing Parallel Pump Controller is a fully integrated variable speed controller that lets you monitor and control upto 4 self-sensing pumping units connected in parallel for Secondary Chilled Water Pumping.


  • Chillers and pumps as well as Air Handling Units must be connected in parallel.
  • Each chiller must have a differential pressure sensor connected across inlet and outlet.
  • The pumping system must have a differential pressure sensor across inlet and outlet headers.
  • A differential pressure sensor will be placed between inlet and outlet of each zone served by the plant.
  • Electrically actuated chiller isolating valves are required for each chiller in the system.
  • An electrically actuated bypass valve must be provided between the outgoing flow to the zones and incoming flow to the pumping system and


The Lubi Intellicon 2000 is suitable for variable primary chilled water plants for following:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotels
  • Shopping complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutes
  • Sports complexes
  • Industries
  • Airports


  Intellicon 3000