At LUBI Pumps, we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand that even the most dependable equipment can occasionally encounter issues. To ensure that your concerns are addressed efficiently, we have devised a simple, step-by-step process for registering and resolving complaints. In this article, we will guide you through the process, enabling you to easily report issues and receive timely resolutions.


A Guide on How to Contact Lubi Customer Support Service When Lubi Pump Doesn't Work

Step 1: Contact LUBI Industries Service Department


To initiate the complaint resolution process, you have two convenient options:


1. Toll-Free Number: You can reach our service department by calling us at 98-2420-0800.

2. Email: Alternatively, you can send an email outlining your issue to [email protected].

Step 2: Register Your Complaint


If you choose to contact us via the Toll-Free Number, one of our dedicated executives will assist you in understanding and documenting your concern. They will then proceed to register your complaint.

Step 3: Receive a Ticket Number


After registering your complaint, our system generates a unique Ticket Number. This Ticket Number is crucial for tracking the progress of your complaint and ensuring a timely resolution. You will receive this Ticket Number via a text message on your registered mobile number. Here's a sample message for your reference:


Receive Ticket Number
Receive Ticket Number

Step 4: Schedule a Service Executive Visit


Within a few hours of registering your complaint, you will receive another notification specifying the date and time of the service executive's visit. This information will be sent to you via text message. Here's a sample message:


Receive The Details Of Scheduled Visit
Receive The Details Of Scheduled Visit


You have the flexibility to contact the service executive directly to confirm or adjust the visit time according to your convenience, although they will typically visit at the scheduled time.

Step 5: Resolution and Closure


During the service executive's visit, they will work diligently to resolve the issue you reported. If the issue is successfully resolved, you will receive a text message with a closure code on your registered mobile number. Here's a sample message:


Provide Closure Code
Provide Closure Code

Step 6: Share Your Feedback


Your feedback is invaluable to us. After your issue has been resolved, you will receive a feedback form to rate the service you received and provide comments based on your experience.

Additional Information: Unresolved Issues


In the rare event that your issue is not resolved during the service executive's visit, our service engineer will guide you to the nearest LUBI service center. There, our dedicated team will assist you further.



At LUBI Pumps, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are dedicated to providing you with efficient and hassle-free solutions. We hope this step-by-step guide helps you navigate the complaint resolution process smoothly.


For added convenience, don't forget to register your Pump's warranty electronically using our QR code feature. Click On E-Warranty Registration via QR code to access our E-Warranty Registration page, follow the steps, and easily claim your warranty benefits with just a scan.


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